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  • Maritime Research | Gulf of Guinea Maritime Institute | Accra

    ギニア湾海事研究所へようこそ-GoGMI GoGMIは、ガーナで設立された非営利団体です。これは、ギニア湾地域に影響を与える戦略的海事に関する相互作用、アイデアの共有、研究を行うための海事戦略思想家、実務家、同盟国のための「シンクタンク」を構成します。インスティテュートのコアビジネスは、ガーナおよびギニア湾の海事空間全体の安全性、セキュリティ、環境の分野における戦略的な海事研究、コンサルティング、およびアドボカシーです。 GoGMIの主な目的は、認識された研究を生み出し、先住民の視点から解決策を提供することです。これにより、地域の意見や関心が過小評価されている地域の海事研究における現在の不均衡に対処します。 GoGMIは、ガーナで設立された非営利団体です。これは、ギニア湾地域に影響を与える戦略的海事に関する相互作用、アイデアの共有、研究を行うための海事戦略思想家、実務家、同盟国のための「シンクタンク」を構成します。インスティテュートのコアビジネスは、ガーナおよびギニア湾の海事空間全体の安全性、セキュリティ、環境の分野における戦略的な海事研究、コンサルティング、およびアドボカシーです。 GoGMIの主な目的は、認識された研究を生み出し、先住民の視点から解決策を提供することです。これにより、地域の意見や関心が過小評価されている地域の海事研究における現在の不均衡に対処します。 Click here to read more! OUR SCOPE OF WORK Organization of International Ocean Governance and Maritime Security Conferences and Exhibitions Facilitation of Regional and International Partnerships to Foster Maritime Safety and Security in the Gulf of Guinea Region Analysis of Activities in the Region's Maritime Domain Analysis of National, Regional and International Policies on Ocean Governance and Maritime Security Development of Policy Briefs, Articles and Other Relevant Publications Development, Audit and Validation of Corporate Maritime Security Plans Any Other Efforts that Contribute to a Safe, Secure and Clean Maritime Domain of the Gulf of Guinea Region THE BLUE MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME ​ The Blue Mentorship Programme is an African maritime accelerator intended to encourage youth to engage in sustainable blue economy careers and to offer them support through their business, entrepreneurial or career progression journey. Visit page>>> GoG地域の最新ニュース ニュース 米空母司令官が南シナ海を航行する自由を主張 続きを読む ニュース BolloréLogisticsが6隻のセルフリフティングバージを中国から西アフリカに輸送することに成功 続きを読む ニュース 革新的な浮体式風力タービン財団の設置-TetraSparonグローバル海事苦痛および安全サービス 続きを読む 最新の海事ニュース News Tunisia Intercepts Nearly 100 Europe-bound Migrants Read More News Indo-Pacific SEACAT Maritime Exercise 2022 Launches in Singapore Read More News ONE launches Marine Safety and Quality Campaign 2022 Read More STRATEGIC PARTNERS UNESCO 2 copy 8 2 copy 1 2 copy 15 2 copy 3 2 copy 7 AFRICAN UNIOn ECOWAS Logo (1) ECCAS_logo (1) 2 copy 18 ZONE F LOGO 2 copy 6 shade 2 copy 12 navy 2 copy 14 2 copy 16 2 copy 13 2 copy 11 swaims 2 copy 5 Maritime Digest 2 2 copy 4 1/2 Subscribe to get exclusive updates Email Join Our Mailing List Thanks for subscribing!

  • Blue Mentorship Programme | Gulf Of Guinea Maritime Institute | Accra

    THE BLUE MENTORSHIP PROGRAMME BACKGROUND The Role of Youth in Developing Africa’s Blue Economy “Blue” resources linked to Africa’s extensive aquatic bodies are core to the continent’s economic growth and will continue to be a crucial driver for strategic development of the national economies. The commitment to develop Africa’s blue economy is demonstrated in the various national and regional strategy documents including: Africa's Blue Economy: A policy handbook; Africa Blue Economy Strategy and its Implementation Plan (2021 – 2025); and various country-level blue economy strategies. The next generation of young maritime leaders will play an important role in driving innovation and change as the continent strives for socio-economic advancement through a vibrant blue economy. To be able to truly transform Africa’s ocean economy, we need a future workforce that is more digitized, innovative and diverse, and that requires actively employing and leveraging on the unique skills of Africa’s youth today. The revitalization of existing ocean sectors and the industrialization of emerging ones have highlighted the great need for cooperation towards technology and innovation transition. In a post-COVID era, youth bear great potential to contribute to the: co-creation of international frameworks and guidelines to protect the blue environment; investment in innovation, technologies and human capital for developing ocean sectors; actions geared towards effective biodiversity and environmental conservation as well as mitigation of the effects of climate change; shaping of national visions for sustainable blue economy; enhancement of entrepreneurship within the blue economy; and provision of maritime domain awareness solutions to improve monitoring, control and surveillance of activities in the blue space. Creating a viable platform for youth to engage in Africa’s blue economy trajectory has been at the heart of the Gulf of Guinea Maritime Institute’s Blue Mentorship Program. GoGMI’s Youth Engagement in Africa’s Blue Economy Trajectory In November 2021, the Gulf of Guinea Maritime Institute (GoGMI) held its flagship Blue Career and Business Expo (BCBE) as a response to concerns raised at a stakeholder forum organized by the Institute in 2020 to deliberate on the topic, ‘Gender mainstreaming in Ghana’s maritime sector’. At this forum, participants highlighted that most Ghanaian youth have limited knowledge and appreciation of the ocean’s significance to the national economy, and fail to recognise the need to be part of providing the needed solutions to promote its sustainable development. The under-representation of females in the maritime sector, despite efforts put in place to put them at par with their male counterparts in the sector, was also echoed. Participants further indicated the need to increase young people’s knowledge on the opportunities available to them in the maritime sector, in terms of career development. BCBE thus created multi-opportunity exchange platforms for young people to learn from maritime industry leaders across the country and to gain an appreciation of the range of opportunities within Ghana’s blue economy sectors. The Expo was attended by over 200 individuals, including high profile personalities, maritime industry practitioners, students and other relevant stakeholders. The BCBE was not meant to be a single event, but rather, the first in a series of events aimed at actively engaging African youth in the path towards building a resilient blue economy for the continent. As intended, the BCBE was used to initiate a Mentorship Programme for which several of the participating youth showed interest. This year, GoGMI intends to go a step further by selecting thirty young individuals to be engaged in its Blue Mentorship Programme – a full mentorship and grooming experience intended to prime them for blue success. ABOUT THE PROGRAMME The Blue Mentorship Programme is an African maritime accelerator intended to encourage youth to engage in sustainable blue economy careers and to offer them support through their business, entrepreneurial or career progression journey. The entire programme is intended to have the following impacts: Serve as an incubation hub for blue economy start-ups Provide learning and support for youth through their career, entrepreneurial or business journey Facilitate youth engagement with corporate and industry partners who are passionate about innovation, diversity and inclusion of young minds in the development of Africa’s blue economy Provide youth with access to maritime industry mentorship, support services, educational and networking events, while keeping them updated on the latest new, developments and engagements in Africa’s blue economy community Beyond mentorship, the programme aims to achieve this by offering a wide range of curated platforms for young people who have an interest in maritime careers or businesses to meet, share and collaborate on different fronts while expanding their skill-set and knowledge base Blue Mentorship Programme Thematic Areas: Maritime Safety & Security Renewable & Non-renewable energy Fisheries & Aquaculture Shipping & Maritime Trade Environmental Sustainability & Climate Change Maritime Tourism Academia & Research Ocean Govenrance THE BIGGER PICTURE: A MARITIME BUSINESS INCUBATOR Beyond the Blue Mentorship Programme, GoGMI aims to expand its engagement with youth to develop a Maritime Business Incubator (MBI) which will, through a combination of progammes, partner with global maritime industry and practitioners to provide solutions and resources to improve career and business connections and financing for innovations in blue start-ups and entrepreneurial activities in the Gulf of Guinea region. The Incubator will achieve this by offering a wide range of curated platforms for young people, entrepreneurs and business men and women who have an interest in a maritime career or business to meet, share and collaborate on different projects and activities while developing skills and knowledge using extensive resource hubs and directories. Through the Gulf of Guinea Maritime Institute and partners network, individuals who are interested in starting a blue business or have plans to build their career in any blue economy sector can learn and find support throughout the lifespan of their business, career and entrepreneurial journey. The MBI will also collaborate with academia to develop collaborative research networks across the sub region dedicated to enhancing indigenous understanding of Africa’s blue economy sectors and publish the ideas that address how to best identify, nurture, and develop careers and businesses in a publicly accessible collection. Private sector will be involved in the Incubator’s programmes to help bring about an innovative spirit of change for young entrepreneurs and the Gulf of Guinea region blue economy business community. THEMES OF THE INCUBATOR Entrepreneurship Mentorship Maritime Innovation Networking and Knowledge-Sharing Blue Human Capital Innovation The Incubator’s networking events will bring together young minds who have interests in different blue economy careers and businesses on common platforms including conferences, boardrooms, workshops, policy-making councils, roundtables, fireside chats, etc. These networks will then connect young minds with lifelong relationships, pairing them with corporate and industry members and providing them the opportunity to have discourses on careers and businesses to better analyse and find solutions to challenging issues these young people face. The MBI will also feature a Maritime Data Hub which will serve as a one-stop data repository for the development and test-bedding of new digital applications and services for the maritime industry, and a community journal which will feature relevant community blog posts and articles aimed at enhancing knowledge and information sharing GoGMI is reaching out to all maritime stakeholders and businesses with interest in building a robust blue economy for Africa to support the Program via three different pathways: Expertise Partnership Expertise partners to the program contribute by granting requisite advice and technical knowledge to the GoGMI team in the course of the program. More importantly, expertise partners will provide a pool of skilled and highly accomplished individuals across the continent’s blue economy sectors who will serve as mentors. Click here to support us TODAY! Click here to support us TODAY! Financial Partnership Financial partners will contribute by: • Directly funding specific activities or elements of the programme e.g., data services, virtual platform services, etc. • Providing a lump sum in support of the entire programme as detailed in the concept note attached. • Making recurrent donations to ensure continuity of activities under the programme. Click here to support us TODAY! Click here to support us TODAY! Media Partnership Media partners will contribute to the program by publicizing the program’s activities such as the launch, Blue Success Speaker Series (BLUESSS), the Blue Economy Innovation Challenge, etc Click here to support us TODAY! Click here to support us TODAY! You are welcome to apply for the Blue Mentorship Programme today! ​ Are you - or is someone you know - a young person aged 18-30 that is passionate about innovation, diversity and inclusion in the development of Africa’s blue economy or looking for support through their business, entrepreneurial or career progression journey? Why not apply to join the Blue Mentorship Programme? Participants of Blue Mentorship Programme have the opportunity to: Contribute to articles on the mentorship programme webpage; Take part in our mentorship events; Learn about Africa’s maritime and blue economy affairs from Gulf of Guinea experts; Meet other young people from Africa who are interested in Africa’s blue economy development; Get your innovative ideas heard by key people in African governments and international organizations; Develop your knowledge, career and business development skills. Selection Guidelines and Eligibility Applications are open for undergraduate students, graduate students, students in higher-level vocational training and young industry professionals. ​ Note: Under-represented or marginalized groups, including females and young people in coastal communities are especially encouraged to apply. ​ Applicants must be/have: Aged between 18 and 30 years old and currently living in an African country; Good working knowledge of English, French or Portuguese; Passionate, engaged and active in their local community. APPLICATIONS HAVE CLOSED!!! Deadline: Applications should be sent no later than 5th September, 2022. Applicants will be notified about their application outcome within a week of the application closing date. Why You Should Apply Rare opportunity to network with maritime industry leaders across the African region and to gain deeper understanding of the range of opportunities within the region’s blue economy sectors Opportunity to hear first-hand accounts from successful blue economy entrepreneurs and ocean innovators to guide individual’s blue career and entrepreneurship pursuits Immense prospects to build on lessons learned to generate and expand on sustainable blue economy ideas, and receive business support through a year-long Maritime Business Incubator Download Concept Note for detailed information here

  • International Maritime Security Working group | Gulf of Guinea Maritime Institute

    International Maritime Security Working group: Image International Maritime Security Working group: Programs ギニア湾海事研究所が収容するIMSWGは、海事の専門家と 実務家のワーキンググループを構成しています。 これは、業界、学界、国内、地域、および国際的な機関や組織にまたがっています。 これは、ギニア湾の国際的な海事関係者のためのプラットフォームであり、海事問題に関するアイデアを共有するためのネットワークを構築することを目的としています。 STREAM MEETING DOWNLOAD CONCEPT NOTE 国際海事セキュリティワーキンググループ IMSWG Download Concept Note Here ギニア湾海事研究所が収容するIMSWGは、海事の専門家と 実務家のワーキンググループを構成しています。 これは、業界、学界、国内、地域、および国際的な機関や組織にまたがっています。 これは、ギニア湾の国際的な海事関係者のためのプラットフォームであり、海事問題に関するアイデアを共有するためのネットワークを構築することを目的としています。 Registration Link: Download Full Report Apply Here International Maritime Security Working group: Files IMSWGレポート 無料でダウンロード ガーナの青い経済の発展: 展望と課題 初対面レポート このレポートは、さまざまな政府機関の代表者間の共同作業の成果です。 ギニア湾が主導した海事業界の利害関係者だけでなく、機関の専門家も コフィ国際平和維持センターの支援を受けた海事研究所(GoGMI)。 ダウンロード 海洋プラスチックごみ、海洋の健康と青い経済への危険 2回目の会議レポート このレポートは、環境保護庁の代表者、英国大使館の地域環境事務所、機関の専門家、およびギニア湾海事研究所が主導する海事業界の利害関係者の間の共同作業の成果です。 ダウンロード 地域および国の海事戦略:展望と課題 ​ 2020年7月10日に開催された最初のGoGMI-IMSWGオンライン仮想会議は、ギニア湾の海洋空間の管理と管理における地域戦略と国家戦略の見通しと課題について話し合うために開催されました。会議の主なハイライトはレポートにまとめられています。 Meeting Video ダウンロード すべてのレポートを表示

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