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About Us

Our vision is to become the lead research and advocacy institute in strategic maritime affairs in the Gulf of Guinea Region.

We are positioned to provide an intellectual base to governments, organizations, corporate bodies and individuals whose activities impinge upon the maritime domain of the Gulf of Guinea Region to ensure a sustainable use of the sea.

We will do that by research and advocacy in strategic maritime issues affecting the Region in order to influence policies and activities affecting the maritime environment of the Region. In conducting our business we shall uphold the values of independence, accuracy and fairness.

Our Approach

The driving force behind GoGMI is the achievement of excellence in strategic maritime research, education, media and consultancy services. GoGMI is a pioneering interdisciplinary organization that aims to provide knowledge for all, using a variety of mediums to overcome traditional barriers. As a non-profit research organization, GoGMI’s business model is unique in that it relies on its virtual community to generate revenue required to produce research and education solutions.


The model is a self-perpetuating cycle that ensures the Institute’s independence and ability to respond to the needs of the GoG Region. Contributors from within the Institute and its network of experts create the content which is then disseminated through a variety of channels including periodic publications, books, seminars, conferences and the internet and made available to the community of people interested in the study of the maritime domain of the region.

Our Scope


Shipping and Maritime Safety

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