Student Membership

  • Full Year Membership: August 1st (current year) - September 30th (next year)

  • Half Year Membership: January 1st (current year) - June 30th (current year)

Applicants who subscribe to Student Membership should be:

•   aged over 18 years
•  engaged in or intending to be engaged in the field of the maritime studies and
    other related fields
•  able to provide confirmation of undergoing full–time education at the tertiary level


Subscription Rate

Student members are ascribed the following benefits:

 Participation in fora for networking and communication between members and                expert working groups.
•  Access to technical publications such as the Institute’s quarterly newsletter                        comprising top news, papers and reports covering a wide range of marine safety,            security and environment issues.
•  Access to programme of events and invitations to conferences, seminars, webinars,        expert meetings, visits to places of technical interest and training courses.
•  Free registration to all webinars.
•  Substantial discount off all publications, events, and training courses.
•  Link to specialist groups in the areas of maritime safety and security, ocean science,        blue economy, coastal and marine resources management, education and training.
•  Feature in the Blue Economy and SDG 14 Register of Champions.
•  Access to careers information in a pack of fact sheets – Gulf of Guinea Region.
•  Listing on the Institute’s mailing list.