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The Gulf of Guinea Maritime Institute is a non-profit think-tank organization that mobilizes and receives funding from diverse donor bases, in collaboration with allies and partners, to shape solutions to ocean challenges

The Institute generates funds through a broad range of sources including consultancy services, grants, solicitations, competitive bids and services to partners. These funds may be payable on an annual basis or over a period of time, or be given as one-time payment for service rendered. The Institute leverages on its worldwide engagement approaches to develop practical solutions for today’s most pressing maritime issues that are in line with its mission. By building consensus and mobilizing durable partnerships, we transform ideas into actions.

GoGMI 是在加納註冊成立的非營利組織。它構成了一個“智囊團”,供海洋戰略思想家、實踐者和盟友對影響幾內亞灣地區的戰略海洋事務進行互動、分享想法和研究。該研究所的核心業務是在加納和幾內亞灣整個海洋空間的安全、安保和環境領域進行戰略性海事研究、諮詢和宣傳。 GoGMI 的主要目標是從本土角度開展公認的研究並提供解決方案,從而解決當前該地區海事研究中當地意見和利益代表不足的不平衡問題。


The Institute maintains a consistent disclosure policy and will acknowledge publicly the source of the funding.

Intellectual Ownership

The Institute requires all sponsors to agree to the Institute maintaining intellectual ownership of our work, including any product(s) resulting from the project.

Diversity and Inclusion

The Institute—through each of its projects—endeavors to take into account a range of views and participants.

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