The Institute seeks members who have cutting-edge expertise in any field of maritime affairs to contribute to the Institute’s indigenous research activities and programs. GoGMI members will harness the institute’s high-level convening power and rich expertise to engage in in-depth discussions tailored around the GoG region’s ocean governance challenges to develop critical solutions that address maritime security and safety concerns.

Expert Counsel

Corporate partners receive private advisory insights from GoGMI members who share their proprietary works from analysis on matters of ocean governance, maritime safety and security.

GoGMI partners use these insights to fill knowledge gaps, promote constructive national and international engagements and regulate sustainable maritime business strategies.

Knowledge exchange and networking

Higher-level corporate partners receive invitations to the Institute’s monthly IMSWG Forum which includes top decision makers both national and international, governments and corporate leaders who gather to discuss pressing maritime issues of concern.

Business Consultancy

GoGMI provides project and business consultancy services for partners that require a deeper understanding of crucial maritime issues and analysis in addition to any economic and political dynamics to make sound decisions.

For an additional fee, GoGMI will conduct indigenous research on commercially relevant issues which inform business decision-making.

Corporate partners are given priority access to, and discounted rates for our consultancy services.

The Institute corporate membership engages institutions, organizations, RECS, industry, and private sector as crucial partners. Through substantive partnerships, networking opportunities and event sponsorship, the corporate membership provides partners unique opportunities to achieve business and corporate responsibility goals. Our corporate membership paths include: