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Members of the Gulf of Guinea Maritime Institute are part of an equally dynamic and global community, contributing to stimulating dialogues and policy innovation aimed at addressing the Gulf of Guinea region’s dynamic ocean governance and maritime safety challenges of the 21st century.


The Institute together with its members build consensus to advance ocean governance solutions. Membership’s three pillars – connect, build, impact – represent our guiding philosophy and the benefits that our members receive.

As a member, you will receive invitations to the Institute’s exclusive meetings including high-level forums and briefings plus access to member-only publications from experts and thought leaders on analysis of strategic maritime issues in the Gulf of Guinea region.

Contribute to GoGMI

The Institute seeks members who have cutting-edge expertise in any field of maritime affairs to contribute to the Institute’s indigenous research activities and programs. GoGMI members will harness the institute’s high-level convening power and rich expertise to engage in in-depth discussions tailored around the GoG region’s ocean governance challenges to develop critical solutions that address maritime security and safety concerns.

Access the Institute’s publications
Events and Networking

The International Maritime Security Working Group (IMSWG), formed by the Gulf of Guinea Maritime Institute, is the Institute’s flagship forum focused on stimulating dialogue and policy innovation aimed at addressing maritime security and safety concerns in the Gulf of Guinea (GoG) region. The IMSWG forum is notable as a knowledge exchange and research network with a focus on local and regional issues while keeping an eye on the pulse of international perspectives. Membership allows you to attend curated IMSWG forums held monthly, as well as other partner and international events, where you can network, meet IMSWG experts, and gain active understanding of strategic maritime issues affecting the GoG region.













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