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GoGMI IMSWG Meeting Report
Developing the Blue Economy in Ghana; Prospects and Challenges

27th March, 2019

A product of the collaborative efforts among representatives of various governmental agencies and institutional experts, as well as stakeholders in the maritime industry which was led by the Gulf of Guinea Maritime Institute (GoGMI) with the support of the Kofi International Peacekeeping Centre.


GoGMI IMSWG Meeting Report  Marine Plastic Litter, A Danger to Ocean Health and the Blue Economy

7th May, 2019


GoGMI IMSWG Meeting Report
Regional and National Maritime Strategies

10th July, 2020


GoGMI IMSWG Meeting Report
Marine Spatial Planning for Achieving SDG 14 in Ghana

28th August, 2020


GoGMI IMSWG Meeting Report
Gender Mainstreaming in Ghana's Marine Sector

27th November, 2020


GoGMI IMSWG Meeting Report
Developing Blue Careers to Foster Strategic Development of Gulf of Guinea Maritime Economies

25th February, 2021

This meeting aims to provide a platform for regional and national stakeholders to identify and discuss comprehensive strategies and concrete actions that promote the development of new skills and blue careers for Africa’s maritime industry.


GoGMI World Ocean Day Report 2021 (Online Survey)

13th July, 2021

Read the Institute's World Ocean Day Online Survey Report that investigated the Ghanaian public understanding of their connection with the ocean, exploring the means to intensify actions for ocean literacy in Ghana.

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