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Corporate Partnership
Expert Counsel

Corporate partners receive private advisory insights from GoGMI members who share their proprietary works from analysis on matters of ocean governance, maritime safety and security.

GoGMI partners use these insights to fill knowledge gaps, promote constructive national and international engagements and regulate sustainable maritime business strategies.

Knowledge exchange and networking

Higher-level corporate partners receive invitations to the Institute’s monthly IMSWG Forum which includes top decision makers both national and international, governments and corporate leaders who gather to discuss pressing maritime issues of concern.

Business Consultancy

GoGMI provides project and business consultancy services for partners that require a deeper understanding of crucial maritime issues and analysis in addition to any economic and political dynamics to make sound decisions.

For an additional fee, GoGMI will conduct indigenous research on commercially relevant issues which inform business decision-making.

Corporate partners are given priority access to, and discounted rates for our consultancy services.

The Institute's corporate partnership engages institutions, organizations, RECS, industry, and the private sector as crucial partners. Through substantive partnerships, networking opportunities, and event sponsorship, partners have with unique opportunities to achieve business and corporate responsibility goals. Our corporate membership paths include:​

  1. Strategic Partnership:

Strategic partnerships are intended for national, regional and International organizations who seek the closest relationship with GoGMI and its experts - including benefiting from the Institute’s visibility and leveraging on its network at the highest level with governments, business leaders and other development partners. Our Strategic Partnerships are deeply collaborative attempts for entities to offer progressive support that will enable the Institute to develop programs that address the most pressing maritime issues facing the Gulf of Guinea region. Strategic partnerships also include partner involvement in the Institute’s monthly IMSWG forum and international events attended by regional and international maritime experts and leaders. Partners who subscribe to this partnership are offered access to GoGMI experts’ analysis on a broad range of maritime issues.

2.   Program Partnerships

Opportunity to engage with the Institute’s leading experts by supporting a program, or initiative working on issues critical to your business. Program partnership is designed for both local and international companies and institutions seeking to further develop their knowledge and understanding of maritime governance issues from an indigenous perspective. Companies that have an interest in or are expanding into a particular region or market will particularly benefit from the events and briefings offered by this level of partnership. Program partners benefit from the unlimited resources of expertise within GoGMI’s network and staff through private curated briefings, closed-door roundtables with GoGMI experts, and invitations to members-only local and regional events.

3.    Event Partnerships: 

Seize the Institute’s high-level convening power by supporting an event. Benefits are strategically tailored around the gathering and your organization’s interests. Event partnerships are suitable for both local and international companies who wish to benefit from GoGMI’s visibility, and to network with local governments, industry leaders and maritime experts. It includes a close relationship with, and priority access to, the Institute’s staff through private, curated dialogue platforms on maritime safety and security, ocean governance, and geo-politics issues.

Events include; International Maritime Defense and Exhibition Conference (IMDEC) International Maritime security Working Group Forum (IMSWG) and Blue Careers and Business EXPO (BCBE)

4.    Embassy Partnership

Embassy partnership is exclusive only to embassies and high commissions. This membership category is available for embassies looking to create impact in different maritime sectors with expert insights and analysis, and support development projects.

Embassy members get unlimited access to GoGMI’s expert research and analysis on strategic maritime issues from indigenous perspectives. They gain access to GoGMI’s exclusive event programme, specifically curated to offer in depth knowledge on maritime governance and maritime safety and security issues. These events provide unparalleled networking opportunities for members. Embassy membership provides also get to form closer ties with GoGMI experts and staff.


Nominate up to 5 to GoGMI who will receive publications and event invitations.

International Events and Networking

Invitations to select industry practice seminars

Invitations to some member events, roundtable discussions,  presentations and briefings

Invitations to exclusive corporate breakfast briefings, boardrooms and webinars

Priority invitations to exclusive events, such as VIP lunches or dinner meetings hosted by recognised figures from public and private maritime sectors.

[Number of delegates] at the Institute’s major national, regional and  international events and forums:

Briefings and Consultancy

Get expert answers to your business questions with up to [number of briefings] a year (depending on format) on key ocean governance, maritime safety and security, political, and economic issues as identified by you. Briefings are provided by GoGMI experts.

Invitations to curated private roundtable meetings specifically designed to Corporate Partners’ needs with relevant and pressing topics and discussions

[Number of delegates] at the Institute’s major national, regional and  international events and forums:

Publications and Resources

Receive up to [depending on how many forums are held in a year] per year of the Institute’s publications:

  • The IMSWG Forum, providing in-depth analysis of general strategic issues

  • Online access to the Members area of GoGMI website, including access to publications recorded webinars.

  • Access to presentations

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