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Bienvenido al Instituto Marítimo del Golfo de Guinea - GoGMI

Towards the Index

Every Monday, the Gulf of Guinea Maritime Institute publishes its maritime-targeted newsletter, the Gulf Review. By providing highlights on maritime issues and occurrences over each past week, the Gulf Review serves as a data hub, from which extensive analysis can be conducted. The Gulf of Guinea Maritime Governance Index is a subscription-based report that integrates data gathered from the Gulf Review to identify emerging trends and dynamics, blending industry and expert insights with opportunity assessments.

A Rationale for the Index

The Gulf of Guinea Maritime Governance Index will provide indigenous information through a regional lens on maritime safety, security and blue economy issues in the Gulf of Guinea region. This is a crucial preliminary step to finding sustainable solutions to close Africa’s ocean development gap, support a clean ocean transition and enhance maritime security across the continent.


The goal of this initiative is to enhance a thorough understanding of the current state of development, opportunities, and challenges in the areas of maritime safety and security, marine environment, and Blue Economy development in the Gulf of Guinea Region. The data series will delve into maritime data and provide insightful perspectives to better understand the maritime landscape in the region. By offering unique and comprehensive power data and market intelligence, the Index will be used to inform the development of policies, strategies, and programs to support the sustainable development of the region's maritime sector.

Components of the Index


Why is this so important?


What is the overall development of the issue?


What are the existing opportunities and challenges?


How prepared are key stakeholders to exploit the opportunities and address the challenges?

In order to provide an analysis for each issue, GoGMI considers all five components of the index: importance, evolution, potential and preparedness. Ultimately, the analysis within the index aims to interpret a broad range of maritime incidents and activities on the basis of these tenets and provide valuable insights for the various stakeholders in the GoG region.


First Quarter Index 2023 - 6 June 2023

The Gulf of Guinea Maritime Governance Index integrates maritime issues and development specific to the Gulf of Guinea region. Its primary objective is to identify emerging trends and dynamics by combining industry and expert insights with assessment opportunities.

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