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Fellow Membership

GoGMI awards Fellowship only to exceptional individuals at the forefront of ocean governance, maritime safety and security, or related disciplines and have demonstrated significant achievements relevant to GoGMI over the last 10 years. Applicants must show evidence of their specific personal contributions, achievements and the associated impact in two and no more than three of the eight criteria described below.


To apply, complete the application form here using no more than 1000 words in total, where appropriate include URL links for significant additional evidence. URL links should only be used to validate key evidence provided. If you cannot provide publicly available information due to security or other sensitivity, then it must be confirmed by your supporters.

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As a Fellow you’ll benefit from: 

Certificate of fellowship from the institute

Our exclusive Fellows Telegram group for global networking

The opportunity to lend your voice to the Institute’s forum, and contribute to our indigenous research activities and programs.  

Exclusive invitations to our International Maritime Security Working Group forum series as well as a significant discount on registration for our professional conferences.



Describe the key findings of your independent contributions to original research, including the associated outcomes and impact that have resulted in national and /or international recognition. Include a selection of the following examples that cover the full 5-year period.

Influence and contribution

Indicate any other activities that demonstrate the expectations for GoGMI Fellow not covered by the criteria above. There must be evidence of personal impact but there is no other constraint on the type of activity that might be considered under this criterion. It could include any of the following: – Any activity that fulfils the wider goals and aims of GoGMI and is of a standard commensurate with the other Fellowship criteria. Our mission: To provide an intellectual base to governments, organizations, corporate bodies and individuals whose activities impinge upon the maritime domain of the GoG Region to ensure a sustainable use of the sea.


Summarize your personal creation and development of successful business (es) or significant business unit(s) in areas relevant to the IET, including details of products and services developed and delivered.


Summarize your operational responsibility for significant programmes, activities, risks and resources within an organization (commercial, industrial, government, military or academic). Include an organizational chart that shows your title and your position within your organization both upwards and downwards, including the number of people that report directly and indirectly to you.

Insight and experience

Show your roles as a consultant, business manager, technical specialist / subject area expert / functional head in fields related to engineering and technology.


Describe the impact of your outstanding service as an exceptional individual on committees or other relevant organizations in ocean governance and maritime safety and security disciplines such as non-government and government committees, not-for-profit organizations etc.


Describe your senior role(s) that set, directs or significantly influences an organization’s vision, strategic and operational aims. Please include an organizational chart that shows your title and position within your organization both upwards and downwards, including the number of professional engineers and other professional people that report directly and indirectly to you. Demonstrate how you have shown leadership.


Provide evidence of public recognition of standing at national and/or international level

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