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Empowering Blue Economy Leaders: Graduates from WYTEC Blue Training Programme in Canada, Ghana, and Cape Verde, Acquire Technical Skills in Ocean Technology and Maritime Safety and Risk Management.

After an intensive eight-week training course focused on Leadership and Entrepreneurship, Ocean Technology and Maritime Safety and Risk Management, young people from Canada, Ghana, and Cape Verde graduated last week Saturday, April 6, from the Women & Youth Technical Capacity for the Blue Economy (WYTEC Blue) Training Program.


The WYTEC Blue is a project dedicated to supporting business development, entrepreneurship, and technical skills needed for participants to thrive in public, private and NGO sectors, working towards advancing the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) for the blue economy. This milestone marks the culmination of a journey aimed at enhancing the entrepreneurial, technological, and leadership skills, and ultimately increasing their social impact.


The Development of Ocean Technical Capacity with African Nations (DOTCAN Institute) in Nova Scotia, supported by the Government of Canada under the “United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development (2021-2030)”, in partnership with other organizations including   Biosfera 1, Gulf of Guinea Maritime Institute (GoGMI), Sustainable Ocean Applied Research (SOAR), Initiative for Africa (IFA), and The Ocean Project Startup - form a collaboration of resourceful and dedicated experts from academic, business, and non-governmental sectors to deliver courses that aimed to grow technical capacity amongst women and youth in Canada and West Africa for the promotion of safe, secure and sustainable blue economies.


GoGMI firmly believes in the transformative power of entrepreneurship and innovation, and therefore recognizes the importance of creating an enabling environment that fosters creativity, provides necessary resources, and encourages collaboration. GoGMI is honoured to have been a part of this transformative initiative, which has nurtured the seeds of blue economy entrepreneurship and paved the way for a brighter ocean future for these talented individuals.


The Executive Director of GoGMI, Air Vice Marshal Frank Hanson (Rtd) said: “GoGMI is proud to have been a part of the WYTEC Blue Program, and we remain committed to supporting the growth of entrepreneurship and innovation in the blue economy. We will continue to invest in programs that empower young entrepreneurs and equip them with the skills, resources, and networks needed to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.”


The Ghana cohorts also gained valuable industry lessons from the Ghana Navy, Ghana Ports and Harbours Authority, the National Aquaculture Centre, and the ECOWAS Multinational Maritime Coordination Centre, Zone F, offering significant networking and employment opportunities. Throughout the program, project teams worked on addressing thematic blue economy issues, in addition to receiving immersive and hands-on business acceleration guidance.



We are thrilled to witness the successful completion of the WYTEC Blue Program,” stated Professor Douglas Wallace, Co-Chair of DOTCAN. “As these students graduate from the program, we have full confidence in their ability to make significant strides in developing and refining their blue economy ideas, ultimately serving their communities in even more impactful ways.”


Now in its second phase, the WYTEC Blue Program has been instrumental in equipping young people with the necessary skills, resources, and support to address pressing ocean challenges faced by coastal countries. By aligning their efforts with the UN’s SDGs, these cohorts are poised to create lasting change and contribute to the socio-economic development of their respective countries.


GoGMI and partners will continue to invest in programs that empower young entrepreneurs and equip them with the skills, resources, and networks needed to thrive in today’s competitive landscape.”

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